4th of July

Celebrating America’s birthday in Spain the only way one can: a Mediterranean food tasting, Irish pub and a Spanish discoteca.

Sidenote: my professor today told us that being patriotic is bad because we are all citizens of the world. While this may be true, let the record show that patriotism is awesome. And so is America. We can be proud of our individual countries and proud of the world too. Right? This citizen of the world thinks helllll yeah mofo. 

Go get a beer, and grill up some wieners. Cuz America RULES.

So I suck

Turns out that I don’t like blogging that frequently.. I have one week left in Granada. Where did that time go?! And how did it go so quickly? And why did I waste so much of it? But how could I have done anything more?! 

Here’s a secret: I’ve found that cliches are true. That’s why they exist. So time flies. 

I’ve also found that my tolerance for people is very low. Which isn’t a good thing. But at the same time why would I want to spend the limited time I have with people I don’t enjoy being around?

Another cliche: It really is about who you’re with, not where you are. Which is crazy when you think about it.

Maybe I’ll blog some other time. Who knows!

This is near my school in Granada! If you look really closely you can see the Sierra Nevada in the background!

This is near my school in Granada! If you look really closely you can see the Sierra Nevada in the background!

I am silly

Looking up info about bugs the night before I leave is probably a great idea!!!

I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!

There are scorpions there. SCORPIONS. With little claws and stuff. I just figured Europe knew how to eliminate bugs entirely. Maaaan.


I have forgotten how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. I am going to have to speak Spanish all the time! And I don’t think I can conjugate my verbs.

Also, I hope I develop a lisp when saying words like “cinco.” “Thinco de Mifflin” pretty inapropro. Because that is how the Spanish speak because they had this king who had a lisp so everybody else started doing it. But it is only with “C” word, not “s” words, like “seis.” There is no “theis” in Spanish.

Then again, I may be ready to go because apparently I am losing my marbles a little bit.

Viva la vida loca, right Ricky Martin?

Leaving Tomorrow

Can we just talk about preparing to go to Granada?

Okay, the forecast for Wednesday (which is when I’ll arrive there) is clear skies with a high of 90 degrees and a low of 54. What? Absurd. So my preparing has been trying to figure out how hot 90 to 100 degrees is without humidity. Because I am going to be by a desert! I have never been to one before. Very exciting stuff. So anyway, I have spent 25 dollars on SPF 70 sunscreen to protect my docile, alabaster skin that prefers to become a nice shade of crimson in the summer. I have an absurd amount of clothing, nearly a million dresses and pairs of shorts and a couple skirts because it is going to be hot! I also need sweaters and sweatshirts though because I am like a reptile: I get hot far too easily AND I get cold very quickly. Weather, man, I’m Minnesotan so I have to be able to talk about it for days.

With all of this clothes shopping (I am going to look goooood) I have neglected to think about stuff like medicine.. Which my mom reminded me of today:

MOM: So do you have Pepto-Bismol?
ME: I have tums!
MOM: Do you have enough?
ME: Well, I can always go and get it.
MOM: If you need it, are you really going to want to go out and get it?
ME: I guess not…
MOM: Plus, you’ll have to translate it from Spanish to figure out what it is. 

Point proven, Mother! She is a very smart lady. So I guess I need to pick that up. I have enough ibuprofen and dramamine to kill a horse, so I think I’m all set otherwise.

Also, more weather, there can sometimes be tropical storms hanging out because Granada is an hour away from the coast. That will be fun!

I should probably try to do something like pack because I have been steadily throwing clothes into piles around my room and why would I do anything productive when I could be writing an ever-entertaining blog post about absolutely nothing? Duh, cuz I’m an idiot. 

I will be headed on a plane tomorrow! Woooohoooo Spanish/hostel livin’ soon!

Deuces homies and the U.S. of A.

Map of Spain. I’ll be staying in Granada with a host family for two months!

Map of Spain. I’ll be staying in Granada with a host family for two months!